Burning like a leaf,

Kamikaze Dragonfly,

Crackling in my fire.



A bit of downy feather,

is floating through the air.

It wanders high,

it wanders low,

it drifts from here to there.



This tiny bit of feather,

was treasured by a duck.

But seasons change,

and feathers fall,

and some have all the luck.


This memory of duckness,

is floating in the breeze,

a speck,

a bit of nothing,

that no one ever sees.


This lucky tiny feather,

is having quite a time.

It knows the sky,

the trees, the earth,

It falls, then starts to climb.


Oh, downy bit of feather,

go on, go fly, be free.

There’s millions of places,

that you should go and see.


My skin is an ocean,

smooth and quiet,

but in constant peril,

in anticipation of a touch.


Your touch creates shockwaves,

that travel across my skin,

waking and exciting,

what was so still.


Only you can bring that,

ripple to a roil,

to create a tsunami,

on my skin, in my soul.


Tiara on her head,

billowing skirt ’round her ankles,

shiny buckles on her shoes,

and giant gems encrusting,

the necklace circling her neck.


Hair brushed and shiny,

piled high on her head,

a soft clean scent wafts around her,

and all who see her,

are awed by her beauty.


She prances down the steps,

and climbs into the car,

buckling her booster seat,

so she can be safe,

and heads off for lunch with dad.


Pounding rain, flashing light,

deafening rumbling in the night.

Icy hail, heavy sky,

rushing rivers, swelling high.

Candles burning in windows dark,

this storm is carving out it’s mark.


There is a noise above my head,

as I lay, warm in my bed.

A scratching kind of rustling thump,

a crash, a smash, a giant bump.

What could it be, way up there?

I go to look, taking care,

I grab the attic pull down stair,

and start unfolding, What a scare!

Our cat was trapped in the attic you see,

and now has leaped right onto me!

Sleeping with you

Sleeping with you is second,

only to waking up beside you.

Feeling your warmth at my back,

your arm beneath my head,

your hand on my hip, and your mouth,

resting at the back of my neck.

Knowing, as I lay,

drowsily dreaming, that you’ll be there,

the whole night long,

protecting me, holding me,

and when I fall asleep beside you,

we can dream together.

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